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Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, Fertility-Friendly, 1.4 oz

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What Makes Pre-Seed Unique.

  • Clinically shown to be a fertility-friendly lubricant
  • Allows sperm to move freely
  • Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids
  • Developed by doctors
  • Used in fertility clinics

Pre-Seed was developed specifically to match a woman's fertile fluids and to provide safe lubrication for use when trying to conceive a baby.

Published studies also show that Pre-Seed's isotonic formula is less irritating to the sensitive tissues of intimacy than other leading lubricants;Pre-Seed also provides a natural feeling lubrication for use any time.

Why Use a Lubricant to Conceive?

When couples are trying to conceive, sex is typically planned around ovulation;Sometimes it helps to have a lubricant to make intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable;When using Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly lubricant you can be confident that you are using a high quality lubricant that allows sperm to swim freely.

Women who are trying to conceive are also aware of the quality of their fertile fluids;Normally, during ovulation, these special fluids are made by the woman's body to support sperm on their journey through the cervix to meet the egg;Fluid volumes increase, and they become more slippery (like egg whites), with a rise in fluid pH to protect sperm;As women age, or if they have hormone imbalances, these normal fertile fluid changes don't occur, making it difficult for the sperm to swim through the cervix.

Other Lubricants Do Not Have These Benefits

Published medical studies report that leading "nonspermicidal" lubricants can damage the ability of sperm to swim on contact in laboratory testing;These studies recommend that "every day" lubricants be avoided if you want to become pregnant.

Even though a risk of lubricants to fertility has been known for decades, some people are still confused about their use when trying to conceive;In fact, some doctors may inadvertently recommend lubricants that can stop sperm from swimming;Just because a lubricant does not contain a spermicide or it is water soluble, does not mean it won't harm cells, including sperm.

Common lubricants damage sperm because they have the wrong pH and are not "isotonic," meaning they have high salt or ion levels that dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming;Some also contain sperm-toxic ingredients, such as glycerol (glycerin);Even saliva and water can kill sperm and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.

Why You'll Love Pre-Seed.

  • Allows Sperm to Move Freely
  • Feels Natural
  • Mimics Your Own Fertile Fluids
  • Never Sticky
  • Non-Irritating

Pre-Seed provides natural feeling, mild moisture for every day lovemaking and vaginal comfort;84% of users liked "the way Pre-Seed lubricant feels" well enough to want to use it as their regular lubricant!

Pre-Seed's isotonic formula means safer, less irritating lubrication, that is ideal for women in all walks of life.

Pre-Seed can enhance comfort during intimacy for women with pelvic pain and vulvodynia; women who are breast feeding; and women who have been thru cancer treatment.

Besides being "fertility-friendly," Pre-Seed lubricant has been reported in independent studies to be as slippery and smooth as, if not better than, leading lubricants;Pre-Seed's isotonic formula has also been reported to be safer and less irritating to the sensitive tissues of intimacy than leading lubricants, which can cause irritation and burning.

Developed by Doctors

Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant was developed by two women reproductive physiologists in 1994;Pre-Seed was designed in response to the needs of trying-to-conceive couples as recognized during years of federally funded research in this area;Pre-Seed is the first lubricant allowed to say it is "safe for use when trying to conceive" based on published studies and regulatory review;Other lubricants have a high salt (ion) level which can limit sperm motility and should be avoided when trying to get pregnant.

The Science Behind Our Products

Over the past decade, there has been a great deal of data generated by scientists and clinicians confirming the safety of Pre-Seed lubricant's formula;This includes data published in peer-reviewed journals or as presentations at major medical meetings;Pre-Seed lubricant is covered by numerous issued U. S. and international patents.

Suggested Use:

Lubricant best mimics your fertile fluids when applied inside the vagina near the cervix, prior to intercourse. Do not store product in applicator for more than 30 minutes prior to use. See enclosed insert for complete . Store at 36-86°F.

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Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, Fertility-Friendly, 1.4 oz

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant, Fertility-Friendly, 1.4 oz

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